07 April 2017

Fight Dirty Tar Sands Oil Barges in the Hudson River - 4/29 in Hudson NY

Small Towns Fight Big Oil on the Hudson
New Yorkers are resisting efforts to sextuple the number of anchorage grounds in the river and transform their backyard into a parking lot for oil barges.

...Hudson Valley residents will need to keep this pressure up to protect the waterway in their backyards, but this is not just a local fight. By blocking the expansion of the tar sands industry, they’re going to bat for all of us—from Alberta’s First Nations, whose lands have been poisoned by the open-pit mining of this toxic fuel, to upstate New York  residents breathing fumes from refineries next door, to the countries trying to curb carbon emissions instead of unleash them, and finally, to the odd whale that chases its dinner up a welcoming river".

Help Us Do Something About It!

Join us for the 

Hudson Valley People's Climate March 

on Saturday April 29th at 11am

in Hudson NY's Public Square (aka 7th Street Park) 

7th Street and Warren Street

Speakers Include
Ned Sullivan - Scenic Hudson
Assembly Member Didi Barrett 
Will Yandik - 4th Generation Farmer and Environmental Activist
Michelle O'Leary - NY Water Project, Hoosik Falls
Karen Frishkoff - Columbia County Chapter of Citizens' Climate Lobby.
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