28 February 2017

Mass Resistance Voter Registration # NY19Votes - 3/12/17 in Hudson and 10 Other Sites


These are hard times. We have watched as long fought for gains that we thought we had achieved begin to slip away. Not slowly as some people thought would happen, but instead they have been yanked out of our hands and thrown out the window, before we even knew that they were gone.

Between the attacks on women, LGBTQ people and immigrants and the appointments of corporate polluters, Wall Street bandits and people whose sole intent is to break down the American system and way of life, it has been a very tough two months.

But the fact that people are rising up and fighting back is what gives us hope that we can turn back this dark period of our history before it’s too late. The Women’s March and Indivisible and Resistance Movements are growing. But to succeed we must grow even stronger, both in numbers and most of all, in tactics.

So we are starting right now.
In order for us to turn back Trump and his collaborators, we need to win at the ballot box. We need every resistor and those sympathetic to our cause to be registered to vote, and we must make certain that those that are registered get to the polls and cast their ballot on Election Day.

Make him a Lame-Duck NOW!
He never had a mandate and he never will. We must achieve a total repudiation of Trump and his policies. We need to pull the legs out from under him.
If he isn’t impeached first, we can’t wait for the last year of his term for him to be seen as a lame-duck. We need to make him the country’s only 1st year lame duck in our history. This November there will be local elections in cities and towns all across the nation. We will sweep a HUGE number of his collaborators and cronies out of office and he will be seen as being responsible for it. He will then become toxic to his collaborators in Congress and this national train wreck will begin to slow and come back under control.

That is where you come in.  
The resistance needs you!
In order for us to win this war, we will all need to put in more time and effort and will need to work harder than we ever have before.

But for right now, we just need one afternoon from you.
We are inviting you to be a part of the Resistance Voter Registration (RVR) mass canvass action on Sunday, March 12, 11am-5pm.

For People in Columbia & Greene Counties
In our area we will be meeting at the Hudson Area Library’s Community Room which is at 
51 N 5th Street, Hudson, NY 12534
But there are Canvass Launch Sites throughout the NY-19 District

Sign Up page and indicate the Hudson canvass launch site.
Or search on Facebook for Resistance Voter Registration to find the link.

Join us in in Hudson or one of the other cities listed on the sign up page on March 12 for a canvass training and day-of-the-event canvass. Door to door canvassing is the proven most effective way to engage voters. We will be pairing experienced canvassers with first-time activists and will provide everything you need. It will also be a lot of fun.

Resistance Voter Registration (RVR) SignUp page

Help us spread the word!
We ask all participating groups and members to collectively share information about the event and to invite friends to participate in the voter registration campaign through their social media networks today.

Join the Facebook group 
Like the Twitter page  & use the hashtag #NY19Votes
Share a post & include a link to our event Sign Up page http://bit.ly/2lmGAoR

About Resistance Voter Registration
RVR is a non-partisan branded event: RVR is anti-Trump but not party specific.
RVR is an umbrella event that aims to unite the broadest coalition possible. Participating groups include: Women’s March, Indivisible and Resistance Groups, labor unions, local schools and colleges, Democratic Party, Working Families Party and other long-standing activist groups.

If you have any questions or concerns or you would like to help on the day of the event 
Contact the local organizers:
Victor Mendolia • Email • 518-966-2060 or 
Erin Stamper • Email • 202-230-8330

In Solidarity,

Hudson Resistance

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